About Helen

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Helen Thorn began performing comedy in 2003. Her first gig was actually at The Stand in Glasgow, when she was on a university exchange. The following year she reached the national final of RAW Comedy, she also made it to the final of 2Day FM’s Australian Comedy God competition.

In 2005 she was selected to perform in The Comedy Zone, a showcase for the country’s best new talent. In that same year she became a regular panelist on Vulture, ABC’s arts and culture show. Helen returned to the comedy festival the following year with a one-woman show, Arty Farty.

Helen moved to the UK in 2006 and had a couple of children. She took a break from comedy during this time because she was VERY VERY TIRED. She returned to comedy in 2013 after getting at least 3 full nights sleep. She performs solo spots regularly and will be taking her new show ‘Thorny Questions’, to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017.

Helen is also one-half of the comedy double act Scummy Mummies. Together with fellow mum Ellie Gibson, she co-hosts the UK’s number one parenting podcast, and performs live shows around the country. The Scummy Mummies Book is due for publication in March 2017.