It’s me, Helen Thorn.

Hello there. It’s me, Helen Thorn. I’m a comedian, writer and mother and one half of The Scummy Mummies comedy duo. Together with the excellent comedian Ellie Gibson, I co-host the UK’s number one parenting podcast (Scummy Mummies Podcast) and perform live shows around the UK. You might know me as the sweary Australian one, who drinks too much cheap wine and laughs at her own jokes far too frequently.

When I am not recording podcasts and performing in Lycra catsuits, I make a nuisance of myself in cafes pretending to write novels (checking Facebook) and I also write and perform stand-up.

I’m performing my new one-woman show Thorny Questions at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April 2017, and will also be doing literally 10s of previews in London before that. I would love you to come along to witness my mid-life crisis played out via a series of unconnected jokes. Please check this website for gigs, blogs and nonsensical ramblings. I thank you.

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